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10am - 4pm
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7:30pm
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Core Class: Introduction to Field Camera — Canon XF100 HD Video Camera

Introductory class to using the Canon XF100.

  • Proper Tripod set-up and use.
  • XF100 Menu set-up, CF Card Initialization, Bit Rate, Frame Rate and HD Resolution set up.
  • Automatic vs Manual controls (Focus, Iris, White Balance, Shutter)
  • Audio Primer — Mics, Audio Jacks, Setting Manual Audio Levels.

Core Class: Introduction to Adobe Premiere CS editing software

Introductory class to using the RED, GREEN, or BLUE Editing Suites.

  • WFMC file management conventions, specific to each editing suite.
  • Digital Media transfer to Editing computer.
  • Premiere Project set up
  • Premiere GUI
  • Main work panels (Project, Timeline, Source & Program Monitors)
  • Video File import, Source Panel viewing and trimming
  • Timeline Tracks and Track Targeting.
  • Timeline Tools and Timeline video editing.
  • Basic Video FX and Transitions.
  • Audio Volume adjustment and Key Framing.
  • Basic Titles creation.

Core Class: Introduction to Studio Production

Introductory class for a Live Studio Production Crew.

* This class is designed for groups, teams or crews.

  • Studio Workspace — Lights, Cameras, Cables, Audio Jacks, Control Room, Green Screen.
  • Studio Camera Operation — Safe Operation, Moving the Cameras, Setting Camera mount Tilt & Pan Locks. Setting Manual Focus.
  • Setting exposure on Remote CCUs.
  • Setting Camera Aspect Ratio.
  • Setting up Lav Mics and Setting Sound Levels for Mics on Studio Sound Board.
  • Live Show Recording —Teams are split out to On Camera and Off Camera sides, a brief mock Panel Show is recorded for each team.

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