Basic Class track: Introduction to digital media

These are the basic classes serving as an introduction to our Digital Media Workflow. Core Classes are typically about 2 hours long held every Thursday from 2pm-4pm or 4pm 6pm. Successful completion of the basic classes allow the user to reserve and check-out field cameras, work in WFMC editing suites, and use WFMC's production studios. 

For more information about the different Core Classes, please click on the following links:
Introduction to Studio Production 1 & 2 
Introduction to Adobe Premiere CS Editing Software 1 & 2  
Introduction to Field Camera 1 & 2-- Canon FX100 HD Video Camera

Advanced Class track: Beyond the basics

WFMC's advanced classes build on the basic skills of the core classes. Advanced classes are typically 2 hours long and provide participants with the next skill level that enhance projects with a more finished, professional look.

For more information about advanced classes, please click on the following link:
Advance Class Track



WFMC offers classes and workshops with focused training in specific production skills. These courses are offered annually. 
For more information about each class, please click on the following links: 
Live Event Coverage: Sports, Theater, Concerts 
Media Magic: Youth Media Workshop   

*To view the dates and times classes are offered, please visit the Calendar