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Willamette Falls Studios offers a wide range of media services from professionally produced live event coverage, to hands on training and classroom opportunities that provide the fundamental skills needed to bring your own production ideas to life. We provide community access to production equipment, studios, and basic training.

We also provide professional production services, including live event coverage, and post production services. Fees for production services vary depending on the type and length of each production. The cost of a project depends on the number of crew members and hours necessary to complete a production, as well as any additional post-production.

What's Happening

Up-and-Coming Classes

Podcast 1 - Thursday, October 19 from 5-7 PM
Podcast 2 - Friday, October 20 from 5-7 PM
Edit 1 - Friday, November 10 from 5-7 PM
Edit 2 - Saturday, November 11 from 1-3 PM
Kitchen Studio 1 - Saturday, December 9 from 11 AM - 1 PM
LUNCH BREAK in between classes from 1-2 PM
Kitchen Studio 2 - Saturday. December 9  from 2-4 PM

What's Possible


Willamette Falls Studios Offers Classes and Workshops For All Ages and Skill Levels.


Learn Media Skills

Take classes on studio use and equipment. Book a youth media event or small business workshop. Join groups that support each other and volunteer on real film projects. 


Record A Podcast

We have a fully equipped podcast video. Including up to 4 remote use video cameras. Anyone can rent the studio after taking an initial class.  


Make A Film or Video

We can provide film equipment, studio space, and editing suites. If you've never made a video before we can put you on the right track. 


Hire A Film Crew

We can be hired to film your event or project. We can also produce and edit your video or podcast. Our crew of media professionals, students and interns are trained and great to work with. 


Join A Film Crew

Make connections and help with creative projects. There are volunteer opportunities with Willamette Falls Studios for members. 


Rent Film Equipment

After becoming a member and taking equipment classes, you can rent film equipment. Our rates are low and experts are here to guide you with what you need. 


Have Meetings

We have two meeting rooms available. This includes a spacious loft area with beautiful renovated windows and a view of the Willamette River. 

Learn To Podcast

Podcast Classes & Studio Rental

Kitchen Studio

Think you can cook? Prove it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Producer by filling out the registration form and take the classes offered.

There is an option to challenges all classes, which you would still pay the fee for certification.

There is no cost to submit your program to cablecast on the community channels.  All programs produced using WFS equipment are automatically put into playback schedules.

Yes. We would still have you sign up as a registered Producer, fill out a Cablecast release and we would cablecast at no charge.

Yes. All programs have at least two playback times a week, along with some random times as the schedule permits.

To be granted a secured playback time for a series, you must submit a new program at least once a month.  You will work with Playback Ops to discuss the playback times and schedule.]

The classes are targeted at 12 years and older to be taken independent of a parent or guardian.  A signed Producer registration by persons under 18, would allow full access to the studios, once the classes have been taken.