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    Studio A

    Green screen studio

    The largest studio in the facility at 1100 sq. ft. and can hold up to 50 people comfortably. It is equipped with a professionally lit special effects green screen, new Tricaster switcher with graphics generator, Mackie mixer, and computer for PowerPoint integration

    Studio B

    For multi-function independent productions

    Studio B is a smaller studio space that is designed for multi-function independent productions, such as intimate discussions and interview formats. This studio works well for groups of 10 people or less. The cameras and control room for this studio are shared with the kitchen studio and is capable of full 4K HD acquisition with five ceiling mount robotic cameras, a Tricaster Switcher with graphics generator, a Mackie Mixer, and a computer for PowerPoint integration.

    As with the Studio A, this space supports LIVE productions, with set up for interactive callers and a workstation for Web streaming.

    Kitchen Studio

    Perfect for cooking shows 

    The Kitchen Studio is the only community production studio kitchen in the surrounding metro area. This "Pro Chef" commercial style work space is approximately 500 sq ft and has a 48" Thermadore gas range with updated matching appliances, LED lighting, modern sink and fixtures, and comes fully stocked with mixers, graters, and many more gadgets.

    Podcast Studio

    Audio studio with HD cameras

    The Podcast Studio is designed for small groups of 4 or less. Equipped with a TriCaster Mini multi-camera switcher, three robotic-4k HD acquisition cameras, and industry standard microphones.

    Edit Suites

    Finalize Your Work

    Willamette Falls Studios provides Editing computers and Software for the PC and MAC Users
    Adobe CC
    Final Cut 10
    DaVinci Resolve
    Sony Vegas Pro

    Meeting Spaces

    Host meetings and groups. Discuss projects.

    The lower level classroom/meeting space, approx. 1300 sqft, utilizes both PC & Mac laptops equipped with Final Cut Pro, and a 65’ Monitor to guide participants through the learning process. This space is also home to a full living room studio set, and a small kitchenette.

    The loft space, approx. 500 sqft, is a light and open area perfect for your next meeting or small community event. The loft can comfortably seat up to 15 people and has gorgeous views of the Willamette River through the enormous arched picture window.

    Price List

    Studio A $10.00 $20.00
    Podcast Suite $10.00 $20.00
    *Kitchen Studio $40.00 $80.00
    Editing Suite $10.00 $10.00
    Studio B $10.00 $20.00
    Music Studio $20.00 $40.00
    Loft Meeting Space $10.00 $20.00
    **Large Production $15.00 $30.00
    ***Large Group Event $30.00 $60.00

    *All rates listed are per hour of reservation EXCEPT Kitchen Studio rate. Kitchen Studio rate is based on a 4-hour block.

    **Productions with 5 or more crew members will be charged the hourly studio rate + the large production flat rate

    ***Events with 10 or more attendees will be charged the hourly studio rate + the large event flat rate

    *2 hours of volunteer time = 1 class (1 hour of volunteer time = 1 hour of use)


    Become a Producer by filling out the registration form and take the classes offered.

    There is an option to challenges all classes, which you would still pay the fee for certification.

    There is no cost to submit your program to cablecast on the community channels.  All programs produced using WFS equipment are automatically put into playback schedules.

    Yes. We would still have you sign up as a registered Producer, fill out a Cablecast release and we would cablecast at no charge.

    Yes. All programs have at least two playback times a week, along with some random times as the schedule permits.

    To be granted a secured playback time for a series, you must submit a new program at least once a month.  You will work with Playback Ops to discuss the playback times and schedule.]

    The classes are targeted at 12 years and older to be taken independent of a parent or guardian.  A signed Producer registration by persons under 18, would allow full access to the studios, once the classes have been taken.

    Table of Contents
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