Light Up a Life

Light Up a Life

Thank you so much for being a part of Light Up a Life 2020! Whether you joined us for the live event last night or not, we felt your presence and felt
honored to celebrate and remember your cherished loved ones.

Those of you that were with us live know that we had a few technical difficulties (what else could we expect in 2020?!), and we left the event with great appreciation for your patience and understanding. Even in the midst of our behind-the-scenes challenges, we truly felt a great sense of connection and comfort.

Joining together with you across the “crackle of internet wires” was a blessing and joy for us and we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of your lives in this small way as we light up the lives of those we have lost.

As Carissa mentioned during the event, we have a recording of the event available for you to watch. We spent some time this morning doing a bit of editing so that we could include those components that we weren’t able to see last night. In particular, I encourage you to watch the community videos that were shared at 15:15 and the ending slideshow and choral music at 50:02.

I’d like to close with gratitude for the amazing folks who joined and supported in the production of this event:

  • All of you attendees who shared photos, reflections, and stories about your loved ones,
  • The many donors to Light Up a Life whose generosity supports the important work of Hospice,
  • Josh & Melody from Willamette Falls Studio for use of their space and equipment,
  • Nathan Buck & Jennifer Traeger for all of the planning, leg work, problem-solving, and tireless support and enthusiasm,
  • Jessica Fishman, Libby Harrington, Jamie Sinnott, and Erin Olson whose voices brought us comfort,
  • and our incredible emcee and volunteer, Carissa, whose energy, poise, and flexibility truly carried the event.

As much as all of us have struggled this year to find joy, meaning, and connection, it is events like these that are a reminder that, no matter our physical distance from each other, we are all “of a tribe” and are joined together by our humanity and our common experiences.

As Carissa encouraged us at the end of the event last night, let us all carry each other forward in our hearts this holiday season and beyond.

With warmth and appreciation,
The Light Up a Life team